Millet Khakhra combo - 40 gm Each

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The Millets Khakhra Combo includes a variety of delicious and nutritious khakhras made from different millet grains. Here's a description of each khakhra flavor in the combo:

  1. Jowar Khakhra Peri Peri: This khakhra is made from jowar (sorghum) flour and is infused with the bold and spicy flavors of peri peri seasoning. It offers a delightful combination of crunchy texture and a tangy, zesty taste.

  2. Jowar Khakhra Masala: Prepared with jowar flour, this khakhra is generously seasoned with aromatic Indian spices. It brings a burst of flavors to your palate, including the richness of masala, making it a perfect savory snack option.

  3. Ragi Khakhra Masala: Ragi (finger millet) is the main ingredient in this khakhra, which is blended with an array of masalas (spices). It provides a unique taste and texture, with the goodness of ragi and the aromatic spice blend coming together for a flavorful experience.

  4. Ragi Khakhra Peri Peri: This variant combines the wholesome benefits of ragi with the fiery flavors of peri peri seasoning. The result is a crispy, spicy khakhra that satisfies your cravings for both taste and crunch.

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Millet Khakhra combo - 40 gm Each

Rs. 156.00

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